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Since I became a parent I have spend many hours searching the web to find nice day trips to undertake with my little family. When our son was still a baby it was relatively easy; we just dragged him along on our adventures and we did not really need to ask what he wanted to do. It was all new and exciting for him, no matter if it was a long train ride or a day at the park.

Now that he’s growing older and can concentrate longer and has a broader interest it becomes more and more fun to undertake day trips which are more specifically for him. We use our day trips not just to have something fun to do, but when we can also to stimulate his learning in a fun way: A walk in nature, a theater play, watching goats being milked.

On this blog you will not only see activities in Ticino, Switzerland, but also, for example, in Northern Italy, Berlin and Amsterdam. All areas we frequent and all have to offer a wide variety of kids entertainment.

To make it easy for you to plan your family day trips, you can either be inspired by what you see here and try and find something similar in your neighborhood or you just make the same trip I described when you live in or visit these countries.

Any suggestions of your own? Questions? Please feel free to drop me a note.



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