Travelling With Kids: 4 Tips That Will Make Things Easier!

Holidays with kids. The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to make your travel and holiday with your little sprout easier. Most are helping you deal with fussy kids on long travels, but that’s not the only time you need help. In this post I have collected a few of my personal travel tricks and tips. I hope you like them and can use them well!

As a frequently traveling mom of a, now, 4 year old, I have been confronted by broken car seats, too bright bed rooms, too much luggage, questioning customs agents and messy suitcases. One thing I never had any issues with? The behavior of my son while traveling! Why? Read on and find out why my boy loves to travel and how i mastered the issues i came across during our travels.

Afraid to fly with your baby/small child?
You’d rather want to wait till your child is older so it will be easier travel? Don’t! Katja Presnal writes in her blog post Nomadic Life With Children Can Be Easy something I strongly believe in: It is not the age of a child that makes it a better traveler, it’s its travel experience! Travel with your kids from an early age, so they will be great travelers when they get older! Trust me, you’ll reap the benefits.

Traveling alone with your child?
No matter if you are a single parent or not, when flying (alone!) with your child you will need to bring a few legal documents, says Kristy DeSmit, blogger, company legalese interpreter and Marketing writer at Law Depot a leading publisher of do-it-yourself legal documents, forms, and contracts. In her blog post 3 Documents Every Parent Needs When Traveling With Children she recommends 3 legal documents every parent should always carry, one of which is the Child Travel Consent form. It does not happen often that they ask you about this form at customs, but it happened to quite some moms I have been talking to over the past year!

My own 4 tips to make family holidays even more relaxing.

1. Pack faster, grab faster!
Packing Cubes are zipped travel bags in different sizes and colors that keeps your luggage organized: Your suitcase will not become a huge mess and you know exactly where to look for what. Alexandra Jimenez, Founder and Editor of Travel Fashion Girls shows how and why she uses the cubes when she travels in her article on Packing Cubes.Cube set Eagle Creek

In our home we all have our own color bags and each use 1 large one for upper wear, 1 Large one for bottom wear and 1 small one for underwear and socks. When traveling shorter, we use less bags per, but we still stick to our own color bags. We use these bags (in two different sizes).

Source image:

2. Say goodbye to short nights!

We ALWAYS bring our Gro Anywhere Blind curtain when traveling as our son tends to rise with the sun when the room is too bright and as a fellow blogger mom also discovered when testing the Gro curtain: sleep is holy for the deprived ones! In addition, I also like my room dark when I sleep, so that’s as they say “two birds, one stone” :).

Truth must be told, the cover doesn’t cover all window sizes of course, but it does work for most, especially when staying at friends/family’s houses. There are some similar tools: Dada Dark and Magic Blackout Blind, but I do not have any experience with these myself.

3. Invest in efficient car seat!
Renting a car seat can easily add up to 20-30 euro IF it’s not broken or rented out when you arrive. Bringing your own is an option, but airlines don’t treat them with care and they are super bulky to drag around.

There are other alternatives available like Trunki BoostApack or an inflatable one like BubbleBum Booster Seat to name two, but I personally never really liked these solutions.

Enter miFold*! mi Fold Specs ImagesMom of 2, blogger and lover of new baby/kids gear Elena shared her latest find on car seats in her review article called MiFold A Brilliant Alternative To The Traditional Booster Seat: a new, tested and approved (for now according to US,
Canada and Europe regulations) car seat that revolutionizes travel car seats for kids!

In stead of boosting your child to fit the adult seat belt, it pulls the seat belt down to a safe level for them to use it, thus a bulky seat is not necessary anymore. Result: a small, foldable device in cool colors that fits in your handbag, seat pocket or glove compartment and that costs less than renting a seat for two days ($39.99).

*)  Source image: Note: I have ordered my seat and will receive it once the first batch is shipped out in the next weeks. Nobody paid me to write about this seat, it’s my own enthusiasm and believe in this product that make me rave on about it!

4. Traveling by train (to the airport), don’t fear!

On Check with your airline and/or local railway company what type of baggage service they offer. With some luck they offer the same great Baggage Service as the Swiss Railways do: You can check in for your flight at selected train stations (Swiss Airlines and Edelweiss flights only), drop of your luggage at selected train stations the day before you travel and pick it up at your destination airport or train station and they even offer a service that they can pick your luggage up at home!

About me
I am a Dutch mom, formerly working in Digital Marketing, married to a wonderful German husband and mom to a beautiful and smart pre schooler. As a family of two nationalities, living in a foreign nation, we often travel to our birth countries or within or around our new home country. Traveling with our son, often also by myself, made me an efficient and fast packer, get a nose for interesting travel services that make travel with a child easier and most importantly, made me an expert on finding fun things to do with my child out of home!

Recently I started a Social Marketing Specialization through Coursera to keep my working knowledge up to date and to bring my blog to the next level. Hope the early birds will notice the development my blog and social platforms went through over the last months ;-).



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