Berlin With Kids – Berlin (DE)

Berlin with kids, is that possible? Yes, absolutely! This huge city lends itself perfectly for a nice getaway with the whole family.

Before you leave home!

When you travel to Berlin by car you will need a Environmental Badge. Without it you will be fined, I speak from experience! You can buy the badge prior to your visit. For more info click here and select your language at the top.


Finding a nice playground can be both easy and hard, depending on location, transportation and information. From all available websites that can help finding a playground, we liked this one
1. Search by zipcode and narrow down by type of playground or simply zoom the map to your preferred location.
2. Click on yellow circle/smiley and click on the playground name to see the playground description. If available, see some pictures.
3. You can upload your own review too.
Other, not tested by us, playground websites:

Kids Cafes – Kids play while parents have a coffee

Restaurants/Cafes – Kids are welcome

BuchholzBerlin & Lokal
Know for their large wooden designer tables, furniture brand Buchholz joined hands with the guys behind Lokal and Kantine and set up a lovely little gem in Berlin Mitte, Laden.
Their mantra “Food. Wine. Design.” says it all: simple, to the point and all about the senses.  They have seats indoor, lots of wood and in stunning designs, and in the lovely vegetable garden where kids can wander around the veggies and see tomatoes and zucchinis grow.
Parking: Paid parking on the street.
Other: Where possible they use seasonal and fresh produce from their own garden or at least locally grown produce. They also serve some non-traditional pizzas.
Changing tables: –
Stroller: Entrance might be a bit tight, but they pram can easily be parked in the garden.
Info: Joachimstrasse 20, 10119 Berlin Mitte // +49 (0)30 24 048 354 // //
Tuesday – Saturday: 12.00 – 20.00

Milchhalle Berlin
Best coffee in town!
Parking: Paid parking on the street.
Other: Bio-Kaffee von Bonanz, roasted in Berlin. They also serve wine, cakes, good tea, fresh juices, homemade and fresh salads and bread rolls. There  is a box with kids books and the owner is really sweet with kids.
Changing tables: Yes
Stroller: Pram can be best left outside.
Info: Auguststraße 50, 10119 Berlin // +49 (0)30 74 695 965 // //
Monday – Thursday: 08.00 – 19.00 // Friday: 08.00 – 22.00 // Saturday &Sunday: 10.00 – 19.00

Papà Pane di Sorrento
Italian Restaurant
Parking: Paid parking on the street.
Other: Recommended to me as the best Italian restaurant in Berlin Mitte where apparently even Tom Cruise and Robert Redford have dined. Fresh pizzas and many lovely Italian dishes. The Italian staff was very friendly and helpful with my preschooler.
Changing tables: Yes.
Stroller: The restaurant is spacious enough to have the stroller next to the table.
Info: Ackerstraße 23, 10115 Berlin-Mitte // +49 (0)30 28 092 701 // pizza@papà // www.papà

Indoor and Outdoor activities tested and liked by us!

Berlin Zoo & Aquarium – ANIMALS – Indoor & Outdoor
Beautiful and modern zoo set in a park like setting where the aim is to keep the animals in a setting closest to their natural habitat. By using glass instead of iron fences, you feel closer to the animals and even little kids can view the animals well. There are a few really nice playgrounds too! Definitely makes for a full day out.
Admission: Adults (from 15yo) 14,50€ (incl. Aquarium 20€), Kids (4 – 15yo) 7,50€ (including Aquarium 10€); Small families (1 adult + all children under 15) 25€ (incl. Aquarium 33€); Large family (2 aduls + all children under 15) 39€ (incl. Aquarium 50€); Students, apprentices, ALG I+II recipients, the severely disabled and their accompaniment, accompaniment if explicitly required on the disabled visitor’s ID 10€ (incl. Aquarium 15€). Possible to buy tickets just for aquarium. TIP TIP TIP: Buy tickets online to avoid cues!
Parking & Public Transport: Paid parking on street around zoo or at park houses. See here for more info and Public Transport connections.
Other: Playgrounds, in- and outdoor restaurants selling typical food like sausages, fries, ice cream, but also salads and sandwiches. Mini scooters and bikes are not allowed inside. You can leave them (guarded) near the entrance.
Changing tables: Yes, all around the park.
Stroller: 100% accessible.
Info: Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin // +49 (0) 30 254 010 // email //
Open 365 days a year: Check here for up to date opening hours.

Bim & Boom Kinderspielland – PLAY – Indoor
Several inflatables, two large climbing constructions with air canon, slides, tricycles, baby and toddler soft play area, large building blocks, electronic games and computer area, several trampolines.
Admission: Babies till 8m Free of charge; toddlers 8m – 2y 4€; Kids 2y – 12y weekdays 8€, but on weekend and (public) holidays 9€; Adults (from 13yo) weekdays 3,50€, but on weekend and (public) holidays 4€. Weekdays after 17.00 50% discount.
Parking & Public Transport: Large parking lot at entrance, free of charge. Public Transport options on homepage.
Other: Bring anti-slip socks. Salads, fruit, sausages, fries, fried snacks, pizza, soft drinks and juices, sweets, ice cream. Bathroom with changing table.
Changing tables: yes, very spacious and they also have separate toilets for kids and adults.
Stroller: 100% accessible.
Info: Beilsteiner Str. 109, 12681 Berlin-Marzahn // +49 (0)30 78 08 59 39 // //
Tuesday – Friday: 14.00 – 19.00 // Weekends and (public) holidays: 10.00 – 19.00 // Summer holiday: treated as non-holiday.

FEZ Kinder-, Jugend- und Familienzentrum (Child, Youth and Family center) – NATURE, PLAY, CULTURE – Indoor, Outdoor
Leisure time area where you can spend an hour, a half or a full day enjoying several indoor and outdoor activities, such as:
Swim: Indoor Pool with small kids area and outdoor beach and lake.
Transport: A steam train (cash only!) with several stations all over the park.
Play: Large and beautiful playgrounds outdoor as well as indoor, large park to walk, bike or scoot. Climbing forrest.
Culture: theater and museum. Current theater program is found here. Reservations needed.
Admission: Park and museum are free of charge. Pool 5,50€ maximum (depending on day and age), Theater subject to fee depending on the show you’d like to attend. Climbing kids 9€ (Monday – Friday) or 11€ (weekends and public holidays) and adults 15€ (Monday – Friday) or 17€ (weekends and public holidays).
Parking & Public Transport: Large open parking lot, free of charge. Public Transport options are found here.
Other: Bring coins for the steam train (2€ I believe) and lockers (1€) at pool, they don’t accept card. Several locations in the park to have a drink, food or ice cream.
Changing tables: yes.
Stroller: 100% – I cannot remember seeing an area where you could not go with the stroller. However, if you take the train you would either have to fold the stroller or leave it at the station.
Info: Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin // +49 (0)30 53 07 12 50 //
All year, daily: Park and the outdoor playgrounds. All year, daily: Indoor activities. NOTE: depending on which day/holiday or weekend the times vary. Check here for up to date opening times. Variable: Indoor playground “Rappelzappel” costs 1 euro each 30 minutes. Check opening times here.

Jolo’s Kinderwelt – PLAY – Indoor
Several inflatables, large climbing constructions, baby and toddler soft play area,  trampoline, train (only operates at several times).
Admission: 2 hour tickets on Monday – Friday: Babies till 1y: Free of charge; toddlers 1y- 2y 2,50€; Kids: 5€ Adults: 2€. On weekends/public holidays/school holidays: Babies till 1y: Free of charge; toddlers 1y- 2y 3€; Kids: 6€ Adults: 3€.
All day tickets on Monday – Friday: Babies till 1y: Free of charge; toddlers 1y- 2y 3,50€; Kids 7€; Adults: 3,50€. On weekends/public holidays/school holidays: Babies till 1y: Free of charge; toddlers 1y- 2y 3,50€; Kids: 7€ Adults: 3,50€.
Discounts apply for disabled kids and their accompaniment.
Parking & Public Transport: 1€/day parking on parking lot. You can by a parking token at the register. Public Transport options can be found here.
Other: Bring anti-slip socks or buy them at Jolo’s for 4€. Menu: Typical snacks such as fries, sausages, candy, ice cream and crisps, but they also sell some salads.
Changing tables: yes
Stroller: 100% accessible.
Info: Am Tempelhofer Berg 7d, 10965 Berlin // +49 (0)30 61 202 796 (97) // //
Wednesday – Friday: 14.00 – 19.00 // Weekends and public holidays: 11.00 – 19.00 // School holiday daily: 11.00 – 19.00.

Museum für Naturkunde – CULTURE – Indoor
T-Rex skeleton, the biggest mounted skeleton of a Brachiosaurus, augmented reality tool to see the dinosaur skeletons come to live, exhibitions on Cosmos & Solar system, Evolution in Action and System Earth. Large collection of fossils, minerals and domestic animals (mounted) set in a natural scenery.
Admission: Adults 6€; Kids & Students 3,50€; Pre-schoolers free of charge. Discounts may apply.
Parking: In the neighborhood around the museum. Tickets at ticket machines in the street. I was driving around for a while to find parking, so I suggest to arrive by public transport: U-Bahn U6 Naturkundemuseum; S-Bahn Hauptbahnhof, Nordbahnhof; Tram M5, M8, M10, 12; Bus 245, N40 (U Naturkundemuseum), 120, 123, 142, 245, N20, N40.
Other: Wardrobe (supervised and free) is downstairs. Kids bike, mini scooters and alike can be left here too. Cafe for bite and drink. The Museum shop sells wonderful, educational and fun books for kids! Make sure you take a look. They have German and English book for sure, not sure about other languages though. Paid parking in the area (bring coins!).
Changing tables: yes.
Stroller: You can leave the stroller near the ticket desk.
Info: Invalidenstraße 43, 10115 Berlin // +49 (0)30 20 93 85 91//  //
Monday: closed // Tuesday – Friday: 09.30 – 18 .00 // Saturday/Sunday and holidays: 10.00 – 18.00.

Tier Erlebnispark Waltersdorf – ANIMALS, PLAY – Outdoor
Several large inflatables, several  animals such as elephants, giraffe, zebra, rhino, goats, camels, lamas, rabbits, ponies (ride possible) and a large circus tent featuring a classic circus performance with horses, camels ,dogs, acrobats and clows.
Admission: Adults and kids 8€ per person.
Parking: Large parking lot at entrance, free of charge.
Other: Toilets in a trailer, have not seen a changing table. Big tent where typical German snacks are served such as sausages and fries, drinks, sweets, ice cream. Bring cash, no ATM close by.
Changing tables: yes, but it’s a bit tight in the corner of the toilet trailer.
Stroller: 100% accessible.
Info: Berliner Strasse 10b, 12529 Berlin // +49 (0)157 75 63 53 75// //
Daily, in season: End of March toll end of October from 14.00 – 18.00 (weekdays outside of holidays) or 11.00 – 18.00 (during school holidays and on weekends). Closed from November 2nd till end of March. Check for exact times/date and opening during rain/hot days here.

Wendenschloss Forrest/Müggelsee/Langersee- NATURE – Outdoor
Forrest and two largeand one small lake and several small beaches.
Swim: Several, free accessible small beaches, one of which a nude beach. A lido at Strandbad Wendenschloss,
Activities: many bike and walking paths through the forest and at Rübezahl indoor ice skating (in winter), adventure playground, lake cruises and boat rental.
Sights & Culture: 114m high viewing tower Der Müggelturm from where you can see a large part of Berlin and surrounding area (currently under construction, but tower is open!), butterfly museum Schmetterlinghorst.
Food and Beverages: Rübezahl Biergarten, Museum Schmetterlinghorst.
Admission: Forrest: free; Müggelturm: adults 2€, kids up to 14yo 1€; Strandbad: adults 4€, preschollers 1€, kids up to 14yo 2€, youth 15 – 18yo 2,50€; Schmetterlinghorst: free
Parking: In or around Möllhausenufer, 12557 Berlin, just before Rübezahl or close to the Muggelturm. All free of charge.
Other: Bring cash if you would like to eat/drink/do something as neither Schmetterlinghorst or Rubezahl take cards!
Changing tables: –
Stroller: 80% accessible. All places mentioned above can be reached over a paved road. The non-paved roads are very well acessable by air-tire strollers, though here and there you may need to make a bit of an effort.
Tuesday – Friday: 14.00 – 19.00  // Weekends and (public) holidays: 10.00 – 19.00 // Summer holiday: treated as non-holiday.

Useful Links

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Tempelhofer Feld – once an important airport in Berlin, now a large park with loads of things to do!
Swimming on (yes, on) the Spree river
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Toy rental



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