Hunting Chestnuts Near Lugano – Arosio, Malcantone, Ticino (CH)

A beautiful walk during fall with something to do along the way? Discover the Chestnut Trail and collect all the chestnuts you can carry!


1. A walk through the Chestnuts forest of Arosio, Malcantone.
2. Collecting edible chestnuts!
3. Buy cheese (also büscion cheese), yoghurt and milk) directly from the farmer.
4. Lunch/Dinner at Grotto Sgambada.

Time & Length

The whole (loop) trail is about 15km and would take on average about 5 hours. It’s easy take a much shorter walks though. We walked about 45 min in a super slow tempo.

5 Reasons you should go

1. The best area to find edible chestnuts in abundance.
2. Easy and fast to reach from Lugano center: only 30 minutes.
3. You can buy fresh dairy products directly from the farmer.
4. A shorter versions of the trail are possible.
5. It’s a loop walk, so you (can) end where you started.

Stroller // Walk

You cannot walk the (whole) chestnut trail with a stroller, however you can definitely take the stroller and walk around on the paved roads near Grotto Sgambada (from the parking pass the restaurant on your left and go either left up hill or straight ahead), collect the chestnuts of the road and you can go down to the farm, which you pass on your way to the restaurant, to buy your dairy products.

During our visit we decided to walk up the hill that is seen directly next to the parking, marked by a straight line of chestnut trees. The first tree on this paved road already gave us a bucket full of chestnuts! After the first straight bit up the paved road we went straight ahead on the trail in the first curve. Shorty after you hit the trail (no strollers possible) you will come to a lovely meadow in the forest with a picnic table and some trees for shadow. From there you go a little further and loop back down over a gravel road, getting you back to the paved road leading up past the farm and to the parking. This little walk is perfect for small walkers.


– GPS address: Grotto Sgambada, Arosio di sotto, 6939 Alto Malcantone.
– Directions: Drive up to Arosio, a relatively, steep windy road. Once in Arosio you pass a school on your left (grey concrete building with big lawn in front of it) and you turn left directly after the school. Keep on this road until you hit a small parking. the restaurant is right there.
– Parking at Grotto: Free of charge.
– Map of the trail: here

Interesting to know

– Make sure to check the Grotto’s website for the exact opening times in case you plan on having lunch there!
– Farm for direct sales: Azienda Agricola Gianmaria e Cinzia Poma. On your right, just before reaching the parking at the Grotto. Open daily for direct sale from 16.30.
– The restaurant accepts credit cards and maestro cards, it has a nice terrace and a small playground.



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