Maribur Theater – Stabio, Ticino (CH)

A small culture injection never hurt anyone, so I decided to take my 3 year old to a short theater show in Stabio, at the Aula of the Scuola Media, organized by

The show was meant for 0 to 5yo’s and only 30 min long, perfect length for the short attention span these tiny people have… At 7 CHF for both of us, it was a very price worthy for a cultural afternoon out.

Upon entry kids were seated on small pillows on stage, while parents could either sit in chairs on stage (if their kids were really small) or on the comfortable theater seats.

The show was performed by one actress who sat in a tent that was lit from behind, which, according to my son, made her look like an angel. She used big salt crystals in a sensory play type of performance: the salt was used to throw, sprinkle, rub, make sounds with and she hummed or sang a bit. Her “aid” was a turtle shaped hat to “whom” she spoke a few simple words. It sounds as weird as it was and I almost drifted off, but all kids loved it!

After the show the kids were invited to help clean up the salt up by using the spoons she had handed out a moment earlier and by providing boxes to put all the salt in. As most kids participated, roughly 90% of the salt was cleaned this way. Good on her!

All in all it was a nice break of the usual “things-to-do-on-Sunday” and I am positive we will go to the next performance too. This particular show was given only this once, but there will be other shows, also for other age groups in the next months. I just thought it could be nice to once share what roughly can be expected.

Adults: 7 CHF
Kids: Free


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